I just want to lay in bed with someone in our underwear and make out, watch movies and fuck like 3 or 10 times


my self-esteem on a scale of 1-10 is -4

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i just,

when someone who is physically healthy hAS THE NERVE to question or tell you when and when you’re not in pain

Things That You Shouldn’t Say to Someone With a Chronic Illness


*At least you’re not dying.
*It could be so much worse.
*Your medicine is what’s making you sick.
*Having a positive attitude is half the battle.
*If you do/take/eat/don’t eat this you’ll be well.
*If you stop talking about it your pain will be so much better.
*Your doctor just wants you to stay sick so they can make money off of you. *Well, you don’t look like your sick so it can’t be that bad. *I know how you feel.


we all have a person who’s name we hear and we just


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When pain controls your life, something in your mindset changes and you’re never the same.. how could you be?
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